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KODO Conversations: ECE-themed Podcast from KODO Kids

May 07, 2024    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

“Kodo Conversations,” is a new ECE-themed podcast that explores the world of tinkering, exploring, and creating innovative learning experiences for early childhood.

The podcast is hosted by early learning organization, KODO Kids, which emphasizes learning through playful exploration. 

The podcast episodes include insightful conversations with experts, educators, and thought leaders who are passionate about fostering curiosity and creativity in young minds. In each episode, the hosts unravel the joy of hands-on exploration and the wonder of discovering through play! 

You’ll find conversations about a variety of topics, including incorporating loose parts, how to embrace the unexpected in an early learning classroom, and the importance of educator observation to support children’s learning. 

Find free episodes of the Podcast on Spotify.

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