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Legislation Impacting Family Childcare Homes Moves Forward

Jun 07, 2019    |   California ECE News Updates

This year there is a great deal of support for early learning programs in California’s state assembly and senate. One bill making its way through the legislative process, SB-234, would have an impact on large family daycare homes by making them eligible for certain small family daycare home protections. Specifically, SB-234 would require large family daycare homes to be treated as a residential use of property, and would prohibit local jurisdictions from imposing a licensing fee or tax on large family daycare homes in order for them to operate.

It is now quick and easy to express your support or opposition to legislation, including SB-234. Click here to visit the website, enter the bill number, read the bill, and click Comments to Author to check Support, Oppose, or Comment.

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