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NAEYC Meet-Up: Integrating Early Math with Science & Engineering

Aug 15, 2023    |   Math & Numeracy
Young child practicing early math, science and engineering with number tiles in preschool room

This virtual event, hosted by NAEYC’s Early Math Interest Forum (EMIF), is a part of the group’s 2023 free virtual meetup series. 

Join NAEYC and other ECE professionals in this free virtual event to get new ideas, learn about resources, and connect with colleagues around ways to integrate math in a meaningful way with science and STEM for 3-5-year-olds. This event will be co-facilitated by Alissa Lange, Associate Professor of the Early Childhood Education and Director of Early Childhood STEM Lab at East Tennessee State University, and Carrie Cutler, assistant professor of mathematics education at the University of Houston and author of Math-Positive Mindsets: Growing a Child’s Mind without Losing Yours.

Register and find more information here

Date & Time

Thursday, September 14, 4 PM PT

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