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New Climate Action Plan from the Early Years Climate Action Task Force

Oct 24, 2023    |   Research Updates for ECE Educators

Last week, the Early Years Climate Action Task Force released a new report: Flourishing Children, Healthy Communities, and a Stronger Nation, the U.S. Early Years Climate Action Plan

The report recommends strategies for policymakers and stakeholders, including early childhood educators and others who work with young children, to work together to support children and families in a changing climate.  Below are some highlights from the report.

  • Recommendation for Federal Policymakers: Ensure that child- and family-facing programs have resources to maintain and upgrade their facilities to provide healthy and sustainable environments.
  • Recommendation for State Policymakers: Ensure that families, child- and family-facing programs, and communities have resources to create healthy, sustainable environments for young children.
  • Recommendation for ECE Care Providers: Integrate training and anticipatory guidance on the impacts of climate change on young children into professional associations and degree and certification programs.

Read the full report here or find an executive summary here.

About the Early Years Climate Action Task Force

Capita and This is Planet Ed co-convened the Early Years Climate Action Task Force to draft an Early Years Climate Action Plan. 

The task force is co-chaired by Diana Rauner, former First Lady of Illinois and President of Start Early, and Antwanye Ford, President and CEO, Enlightened, Inc. and Chair, District of Columbia Workforce Investment Council, and includes 19 other distinguished representatives from the education and health sectors, including elected officials, parent leaders, and early childhood advocates. 

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