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Pandemic Strains Already Struggling Early Learning Programs

An article published in The Almanac on May 6, written by Angela Schwartz, shares personal accounts from local early learning professionals who are desperately trying to make ends meet as COVID-19 continues. The article highlights the thin margins and other struggles experienced by early learning programs well before the pandemic, noting that operating has become increasingly difficult as shelter-in-place orders have continued.

Schwartz shares how parents with young children and early learning professionals are all struggling to make ends meet as centers remain closed. Families are seeking in-home help, directors and daycare owners are trying to pay educators, and children are finding virtual learning a difficult task.

Daycare and childcare centers also face an “uphill battle” when reopening, because of new safety guidelines, including smaller teacher to student ratios and stricter cleaning requirements.

Click here to read the article on The Almanac website.

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