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PBS Kids Interactive Lessons for Children in Preschool and Pre-K

Jun 24, 2021    |   Preschool & Pre-K Learning
preschooler engaged in interactive lesson with fruit

On the PBS Kids website, educators and caregivers can find early learning resources and interactive lessons for preschool and kindergarten that support the critical transition to school. Inspire your students with videos, games, and activities aligned to state and national standards. Click here to learn more.

On the website, you will find the following interactive lesson ideas for preschoolers (and more!)…

  • Chocolate or Vanilla: a sweet activity that uses chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for children to learn about opposites, and explore what is the same and what is different as you read, watch and play together

  • Painting Cookies: an activity that mixes painting and poetry in a colorful, rhyming preschool module that gives children an opportunity to exercise their creativity and imagination

  • Yummy Breads: hands-on learning about letters of the alphabet with videos and a picture gallery of breads from around the world

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