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Pre-Recorded Professional Development: The Benefits of Nature & Messy Play

Sep 30, 2021    |   Outdoor & Sensory PlayWebinar Recordings

In a recent episode of The Preschool Podcast, Meghan Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Tinkergarten discussed the impact of nature play on early development.

Meghan provides tips and information regarding the benefits of “messy play” and how educators and parents can embrace this type of play in their curriculum.

Some of the benefits that are discussed include…

  • How nature and messy play are highly engaging (allowing children to use multiple senses at the same time)

  • Easy and accessibility of nature (heading outside or going for a walk outside is fairly easy and accessible to most families)

  • How nature and messy play engage multiple areas of development (in addition to their five senses, this type of play also encourages children to use fine motor and gross motor skills)

  • Engaging creativity (exploration encourages free-thinking)

  • Additional health benefits of messy play (messy play and “tasting” dirt, sand, mud, etc builds immune systems — which  is especially important right now)

Click here to listen to the full discussion and to find more information.

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