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Quarterly Updates From Community Care Licensing

Jul 04, 2019    |   California ECE News Updates

California Department of Social Services recently shared the Summer 2019 Child Care Quarterly Update, which is now available to view on their website. The document highlights important changes including water safety guidelines, window covering safety updates, management information, and ways to prepare your program for Fire Season.

The announcements also include information about the opening of five additional Child Care Regional Offices and a focus on increasing technical assistance for early care and education providers. Beginning Summer 2019, a team of analysts to will work to establish technical support and consultation services for child care licensees on topics including:

  • How to work effectively with licensing as a resource

  • Most commonly cited licensing deficiencies

  • Maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations

  • Preventing common risks to children in care

  • Resources to improve quality of care

Click here for the full summary of updates and please feel free to share this information with anyone who did not receive it.

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