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Quick and Easy Wellness Ideas for the Long Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 25, 2021    |   Educator Self-Care

The long holiday weekend is a great opportunity to take some rejuvenation time for yourself. Educators do so much for the children in their care! When you’ve got some time off, it is important to use some of it for activities that you find nurturing, so that when you return to work you can feel refreshed and energized.  In this article, we share a few quick and easy ideas for practicing wellness before you return to work. 

Enjoy a Walk in Nature

San Mateo County is full of beautiful coastline and natural trails to explore. Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) recently shared an article about Pescadero, that describes Fall as the perfect time to visit this local coastal town. 

In its article, POST highlights Año Nuevo State Park, where visitors can walk along the coastal bluffs to enjoy the wildlife and soak in the ocean air.

Make a Meal with Seasonal Veggies

Fall produce is colorful and flavorful, which makes it great for cooking fresh, healthy meals. Visit a local farmer’s market or grocery store to pick up apples, persimmons, pomegranates, and other produce that is in season to make up a healthy meal to share with friends or family this weekend. Click here to learn more about which fruits and vegetables are in season. 

If you’re looking for ideas, you might enjoy this recipe — a healthy Fall salad with kale and apples. 

Take a Moment for Mindfulness

One of the best things that you can do for yourself this weekend is to take just a couple of minutes to get in tune with yourself and your emotions. Notice how your body is feeling, what kind of emotions you are carrying, and what you might need for support before you return to work. 

Practicing mindfulness can be done at any time; it can take as little as a minute to connect with thoughts and feelings. Here are a few quick and easy mindfulness exercises that might help you get started: 

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