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Resume Building for ECE Professionals

The field of early learning is in need of qualified, high-quality educators. Many local preschools are actively recruiting for educators, directors, and substitute teachers. If you are new to the field or interested in exploring new opportunities, it might be time to revisit your resume. You will want to ensure that it is professional, polished and up-to-date before you start your job search. Today we share some tips and resources to help you refresh your resume so that it makes a positive first impression.

Getting Started

If you are creating your first resume, it can be intimidating to get started. As you begin, it is important to remember that the purpose of your resume is to enable directors and hiring managers to get a sense of you and your experience with a quick glance. Your resume should fit on one page but not appear crowded. Concise wording with a clear layout will make a big difference.

If you have never created a resume before, there are several free templates available online. Check out the links below to find an option you like.

What to Include

  • Include both your email address and a phone number at the top of the resume so that it will be easy for hiring managers to connect with you.

  • Emphasize experiences that demonstrate readiness for the type of job being sought (assistant teacher, director, etc.).

    • Focus on work experiences that involve children. The resume should communicate a desire to work with children that is based on concrete experience.

    • Be sure to share any type of center-based experience that you have (and include the ages of children you have worked with), but also include other relevant jobs that you might have had such as camp counselor, babysitter, tutor, or swim instructor.

Editing Your Resume

  • Re-read your resume with an eye toward simplicity. The goal of the resume is to secure an interview, and the interview will be your opportunity to elaborate on your experience and accomplishments. It is a good idea to delete unnecessary words and descriptions so that it is easy for the hiring manager to quickly gauge what is most important to them: your interest in children, experience with children, and job qualifications.

  • Before you send off your resume, you will want to ensure that you have proofread everything carefully to check for grammatical and spelling errors. It is always beneficial to have a second pair of eyes look through your work to see if there are any mistakes you missed and to give you feedback about the key messages that your resume is communicating.

Additional Tips

  • It is a good idea to save a master copy for your records.

  • When you send your resume, make sure you are also including any additional documents the hiring organization has requested, including a cover letter, transcripts, CPR certification, or other information. You will want to double check to ensure that your entire application is complete before submitting.


If you have submitted resumes in the past, or if you have reviewed resumes written by others, please let us know what has worked well. We’d like to include your insights in  future G2K Career Development Series articles.

We’d also like to say thank you to all who contributed to this article, including The Primary School, IHSD, Community Equity Collaborative, and Skyline College.

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