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SEL Podcast Episode: Helping Children (and Grownups) Manage Intense Feelings

Jul 11, 2023    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

This episode of the podcast, Therapist Uncensored, explores the importance of social emotional skill-building for young children…and for grown-ups too! 

The podcast features a conversation with child specialist, Lindsey Kealey, who developed a trauma-based, neuroscience-informed program that uses social emotional learning and problem-solving strategies to support positive decisions and  healthy relationships. In this episode she shares strategies for teaching children how to regulate their emotions, utilizing the “Three C’s Method,” (connect, calm and collaborate). This method can inform the way we interact with ourselves and with others. 

The episode is a great resource for parents and early learning professionals who are caring for emotional children. 

About Lindsey Kealey

Lindsey Kealey is an instructor of human development and family sciences and education at Oregon State University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in human development and family sciences with an emphasis in child development and holds a Masters of Arts in teaching. She is the author of PAWsitive Choices Social and Emotional Learning. Her university work, as well as her experience coaching families and teachers, helped her craft a curriculum that integrates interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-responsive practices, and problem-solving to help children thrive. 

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