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Self Care Tips and Resources for Educators and Caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in different ways and has created a lot of new stress and uncertainty. In times like this, prioritizing mental health is especially important. While so many things are out of your control, taking care of yourself is one thing that you can do to make things feel a little bit less overwhelming. In this article, we share resources and tips for self-care that can easily fit into the busy lives of educators and caregivers.

A Few Quick Tips

  • Be gentle with yourself. The situation that we are in is one that none of us have ever experienced before. It is overwhelming and has completely disrupted our usual routines. If you have days that you feel unmotivated or unproductive, that is perfectly all right.  Remind yourself that it is okay to feel stressed and not to be too hard on yourself when it affects your productivity.

  • Be thoughtful with news consumption. While it is important to stay informed about what is going on, it can very quickly become overwhelming when we take in  too many disturbing news stories.  Limit yourself to small doses of news exposure each day in order to avoid letting all of the negative news prevent you from finding enjoyment in your daily activities.

  • Take breaks. Allow yourself moments of peace throughout the day to take a break and relax your brain. This might mean something as simple as taking a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee in quiet, reading a bit of an enjoyable book, or taking a walk around the block. If it is difficult to find moments for mental breaks, you can help  yourself out by setting reminder alarms on your phone or computer.  Taking the time to be present with yourself will also help you be present for your family, work, and any other responsibilities that you have.


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