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Should the Child Care Industry Get a Bailout?

May 28, 2020    |   COVID-19 Resources & Information

The NY Times recently shared an article outlining the significant financial challenges facing early care and education providers.

The article notes that some Democrats have argued for years that the country should guarantee care and education for children ages 0 to 5, and now a few members of Congress are proposing giving the child care industry a bailout to 1. cover the increased COVID-related costs of operating with safety measures; and 2.  provide tuition relief for families.

Congressional Democrats have twin bills that would provide $50 billion…The House version, whose lead sponsor is Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, was introduced on Wednesday, with the Senate version expected next week  from Senator Patty Murray of Washington. Two Republican senators, Joni Ernst of Iowa and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, offered a resolution last week that the next coronavirus relief package include $25 billion for child care providers.

Click here to read the full article from the NY Times.

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