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Free Webinar: Spark an ECE Revolution (Advocate for Children & Ourselves)

Nov 17, 2022    |   Webinar Recordings

Are you eager for some real change in early care and education? Imagine the possibilities for early care and education if the policies were created by people who understand early childhood development and the needs of families and educators. 

In this webinar, early childhood advocate and author, Rae Pica, will help participants become effective early childhood education changemakers. Participants will see that becoming a champion for change can be easier than it may seem! 

In this presentation, participants will learn to…

  • Recognize the need to speak up for early childhood education

  • Identify ways in which it’s possible to speak up

  • Discover tools you can use to advocate for change

This event has passed. Visit the Early Learning Investigations website to view a recording of the webinar.

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