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Spotlight on Federal Funding for Early Learners

Aug 28, 2020    |   National ECE News Updates

At the Democratic National Convention last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on behalf of Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, telling the audience that she was particularly excited about a key component of Joe Biden’s campaign platform–support for higher quality early care and learning, better pay for childcare providers and early childhood educators, and funding for universal pre-k. The focus on this important issue was historic, and enormously gratifying to see!

Let’s make the most of the momentum growing among the public and among policymakers for quality care and education for children aged 0-5 by encouraging the families with children in our care, to fill out the 2020 census form. Federal funds for many services, including early learning and childcare, are distributed based upon census data. It’s important to all of us that every Californian counts by being counted! The deadline for completing the census is September 30th. Please visit and share this link to the census with everyone you know.

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