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Summer Reset Tips for Educators from Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

Jul 02, 2024    |   Educator Self-Care

Summer is here, providing many educators with a little bit of extra time to practice some self-care. Taking time to care for yourself over the summer can help you return to your job feeling refreshed and renewed.

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center recently shared a list of simple practices that can help educators recharge their batteries and get the most out of the summer break. 

Find the full list of practices here, or see a few of our favorite suggestions below.

1. Sketching Serenity

As educators, we spend a lot of time in our heads: planning, processing, and considering how to best support the little ones in our care. To activate a different part of your brain, you might enjoy this guided drawing practice. This unique form of meditation has been found to increase emotional regulation, happiness, and creativity. No artistic talent required!

2. Savoring Silence

Early learning classrooms can be busy and noisy! While we love to hear the sounds of children engaged in learning, our minds and bodies also need moments of silence to preserve a sense of balance and wellbeing. In fact, just two minutes of silence can lower blood pressure and restore our equilibrium. Experience the restorative powers of silence with this mindfulness practice.

3. Noticing Nature

The summer months typically provide more opportunities to slow down and enjoy nature. Find a favorite place in the natural world and try this mindful awareness practice to help you focus on your surroundings and experience a sense of  interconnectedness. 

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