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San Carlos Considers Waiving Traffic fees for Child Care Centers

Sep 19, 2019    |   Local News & Resources

This week, the Daily Journal reported that San Carlos city officials opted to exempt child care providers from traffic fees, in an effort to boost the number of child care spots available in the city. The City Council has been investigating the shortage of child care in San Carlos since January and found that high real estate costs, extensive regulations and local permitting fees have been barriers to those seeking to open a child care center.

Because the traffic fees in San Carlos are based upon a calculation of the number of expected car trips, child care providers seeking a city permit can be faced with a costly fee. Previously, the city has exempted other public uses, including schools and government facilities.

Councilmembers voted on the exemption for child care centers, and it was approved 4-0 with a provision to review it in five years. To read the Daily Journal article, click here.

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