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The Early Risers Podcast is Promoting Racial Equity in Early Childhood

In the past several years, conversations about racism and equity have been expanding. News stories of racial injustice sparked a global movement against violence and highlighted the need for an anti-racist curriculum in our communities and schools. For parents and providers caring for very young children, it can be difficult to know how much information is appropriate to share about these challenging topics.

Early Risers is a podcast from Little Moments Count and Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), hosted by Dianne Haulcy, Senior Vice President of Family Engagement at Think Small and a prominent leader in the field of early childhood development and education. Through simple facts, engaging stories, and helpful how-tos, Early Risers podcast episodes offer guidance to early childhood care providers who want to facilitate meaningful conversations about cultural differences, race, and implicit bias.

This podcast offers support for conversations with young children year-round, but it is especially timely following this week’s Juneteenth celebrations to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War.

The most recent episode, Disrupting the Bias Within Us,  presents examples of supportive responses to offer young children when they express or experience racial bias.  Dr. Rosemarie Allen, president and CEO of the Center for Equity and Excellence and a national leader on racial equity in early childhood, highlights what she calls “a treasure chest” of ready responses for disrupting racial bias in the moment.

Click here to visit the Early Risers Podcast page to find a list of all available episodes of this important, timely podcast series

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