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TikTok Videos that Emphasize Learning Through Play

Dec 08, 2022    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

Child care and learning providers are rarely able to break away from their busy schedules to visit other centers or programs.  This is especially true for early learning professionals in home-based settings.

With social media, however, we’re now able to connect with each other in new ways – making it possible for us to find inspiration from other classrooms and programs all around the world!

In this article, we feature the TikTok page, Little Angel Preschool, which is run by Jennifer Baumann, a child care provider in Nebraska who has been in the field for 22 years. Read more about Jennifer here.

The Tik Tok page features a variety of videos that focus on learning through play, music and movement, and using natural materials. Note: you can view the page and all of the videos free-of-charge, even if you don’t have an account.

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