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Using Documentation to Make Learning Visible in ECE Classrooms & Programs

Jan 23, 2024    |   Webinar Recordings

As early childhood educators, we know that children thrive when educators and families work together to support and enhance their learning. The “learning stories approach” is a form of documentation in which teachers’ observations are written for (and to) the children and their families. Writing and displaying these observations makes the learning come alive in a communication cycle that encourages families and children to contribute to ongoing learning. 

In New Zealand, formative assessments, such as learning stories, are embedded into the foundation of its national early childhood education framework. This webinar, from Early Learning Investigations, features New Zealander ECE experts Sharon Carlson and Amanda Higgins, will explore various approaches and forms of documenting assessment of children’s interests, learning, and development and the components of learning stories to make learning visible to educators and families. Join this free, virtual event to take away learning and insights about how you can use documentation and learning stories to…

  • bring a focus on learning into learning stories,
  • strengthen your communication of learning with families, and 
  • further support educators in enhancing and incorporating quality documentation practices.

Learn more and register for this free event.

This event has passed. Watch a recording of the webinar here.

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