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Webinar Recording: COVID Financial Strategies for Early Childhood Programs

In addition to experiencing a very traumatic worldwide health crisis, early childhood programs are struggling to survive financially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Whether your program has been closed or has remained open, the financial and logistical challenges of continuing to operate in our new normal are daunting. This pre-recorded webinar by child care financial expert and CPO of First Children’s Finance, Heidi Hagel Braid, offers helpful advice and resources.

This webinar explores federal and state relief programs, as well as the financial changes and personnel decisions to consider as you work to make your program viable now and in the near future. The next two years are likely to be extraordinary problem-solving exercises, the likes of which early childhood program leaders have never experienced before. This webinar will offer the insight and advice to help you begin to tackle the challenges.

 This webinar will help participants learn…

  • How to use financial data to inform decisions

  • Managing a program with reduced enrollment/operations

  • Managing the temporary closure of a program

  • Planning for the reopening of your business

  • Explore access to emergency operating capital

Click here to find more information and watch the webinar. Click here to see other sessions in the webinar series.

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