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Webinar with Early Childhood Investigations: Cooperative Games in ECE Programs

There is wide consensus that developmentally appropriate education for young children incorporates play-based learning. But play is more than free play, outdoor play, and dramatic play! Game play is also fun and enriching. Besides the social-emotional benefits of cooperative play and games, there are other benefits—such as fostering inclusion, nurturing cognitive and social development, and cultivating joy! 

And, beyond those important benefits, cooperative games can be used to support learning in math and language arts, prevent bullying, ease the impact of trauma, and prepare children for cooperative learning.

This free, virtual event, hosted by Early Childhood Investigations Webinars will be presented by Suzanne Lyons, author of Cooperative Games in Education. Lyons will discuss why and how to use cooperative games strategically and will help participants learn how to tap into the positive power of playing together.

Suzanne will guide participants to…

  • Learn what educational purposes cooperative games support (from SEL to teaching academic subjects and more).

  • Understand why cooperative play is essential for healthy child development.

  • Distinguish the features of good cooperative games for young children.

  • Reflect on the advantages of cooperative games as compared to competitive ones.

  • Discover cooperative games used and developed by Montessori and Froebel.

Date & Time

This event has already passed.

However, you may be able to access a recording of the event. Click here to learn more and check for available downloads.

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