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Free Webinar: Supporting Emerging Language with Music, Signing & Play

Toddler sign language development

Focusing on communication has never been more important given lost opportunities during the pandemic to learn and practice language skills. Teaching sign language to young children is a great way to support these skills, as signing builds on nonverbal communication that children already use, such as facial expressions, gestures, and more. 

This webinar will be hosted by Early Learning Investigations Webinars with music therapist, early childhood consultant and author, Dr. Anne Meeker Watson. Participants will learn…

  • Simple steps to get started signing with young children

  • Key benefits of signing with young children, including support of oral language, regulation, routines and transitions, pre-literacy, and child-directed experience

  • The benefits of combining sign and song for child development

  • Easy ways to incorporate signing across the environments and routines of your day with young children

This event has already passed, but you can still view a recording of the event.

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