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Webinar from LENA: Multilingualism & Heritage Languages in ECE

Apr 17, 2024    |   Upcoming Webinars

Teacher-child interactions are among the most important hallmarks of a high-quality early childhood education setting. However, a growing body of research has shed light on just how inequitable the quantity of those interactions may be. These inequities disproportionately affect linguistically minoritized groups and dual language learners whose teachers do not speak their heritage language.  

In this webinar, LENA’s researchers will expand on their findings about dual language learners in child care and preschool settings with new data. These findings will act as a springboard to a solutions-based discussion, inviting perspectives from experts and advocates on supporting dual language learners and honoring heritage languages in early childhood education. 

Learn more and sign up for this free webinar on the LENA website.

Date & Time

Wednesday, May 1, 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET

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