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Who do Parents Trust?

The answer is you!

Zero to Three recently published the results of a parent survey that asked 3 important questions:

  1. Where do parents of kids ages five and under go for information about parenting?

  2. Who do they trust to provide this information?

  3. What do parents want to know?

The results of the survey were published in Key Findings for Early Childhood Professionals and Teachers. The answer to the first two questions? You!

  • The majority of the 1,002 surveyed parents of young children go to their child’s teachers or caregivers for information about parenting.

  • 85% of surveyed parents said they trust information from teachers and child care providers. Only doctors, family, and friends were trusted more.

What do parents want to know?
Parents are looking for information on a range of topics from developmental milestones to social-emotional skills.

Zero to Three notes that “Parents are the experts on their children, and early educators are the experts in how children learn. You help parents understand their child’s behavior in the context of early development, based on your training and experience…By sharing trusted information, you nurture a child’s early development, support their parents’ learning, and help to build healthy families.”

Click here to download the full report.

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