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Whole-Child Wellness: Free, Printable Resources from Sesame Street

Sesame Street in Communities’ website offers free resources on a variety of topics related to the healthy growth and development of young children.  Sesame Street’s Whole-Child Wellness resources emphasize habits for healthy minds and healthy bodies, including washing hands, practicing healthy habits for sleep, eating nutritious meals, and more! Here are a few whole-child resources that you can use in your early learning program and share with families:

  • How to Wash Your Hands This child-friendly, animated video is just over one minute long and includes a fun, easy-to-remember song to sing with children as they wash their hands.

  • A-maze-ing Apples This printable coloring sheet and maze can be used to start conversations about healthy foods and nutrition. Help children move their fingers through the maze and encourage them to name the crunchy foods they see along the way. Ask children about their own favorite crunchy fruits and vegetables!

  • My Whole Healthy Body This printable coloring sheet can help encourage conversations with children about the many ways to stay healthy. Invite children to color in the picture and practice naming parts of the body, or invite them to add to the page by drawing themselves along with their favorite foods and activities.  This is a good one to share with families, as it includes suggestions for parents to start conversations with their children about their child’s wellness.

  • Wellness Tips This brief article highlights a few quick and simple strategies for practicing wellness so that we can keep our bodies healthy and strong. Post it in your classroom as a reminder for yourself and your teaching team, or share it with families to encourage them to talk with their children about practicing healthy habits.

Sesame Street in Communities reminds parents and care providers that by modeling healthy habits like eating well and practicing movement, they are encouraging children to practice self-care too!

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