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Talking Tips: Printable for Encouraging Language Development from LENA

If you are looking for quick tips and information to support young children in their language development, you might enjoy this printable resource from LENA, which is available in seven different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Mandarin.

About LENA

LENA is a national nonprofit that seeks to transform children’s futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs. LENA provides resources for parents to make proven, sustainable improvements to children’s language environments.

About the Resource

The 14 Talking Tips are research-based techniques for increasing early talk, which is one of the most important factors driving brain growth and kindergarten readiness for children aged zero to three. This resource is a printable flyer that can easily be hung in your teaching space as a reminder and reference for yourself and your teaching staff.

This resource could also be shared with families to encourage and support continuing language development at home.

Click here to find the resource (please note that this resource is free, but an email address is required).

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