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Transform your mood–quickly!

Nov 08, 2018    |   Educator Self-Care

When Negative Feelings are Triggered, Try this Super-quick Remedy

This tip comes from the late, great Dorothy Sarnoff, who was an author, opera singer, and speech expert.  The “Sarnoff Squeeze”, a contraction of the abdominal muscles that are located just below the ribs, is a simple, effective way to prevent the onset of negative feelings like anger, depression, stress, fatigue or fear.  Doing the “Sarnoff Squeeze” transforms oncoming stress into profound relaxation (Never be Nervous Again by Dorothy Sarnoff. Crown Publishers, Inc. New York, NY).

Here’s how it works:

  • Sit in a straight-backed chair with your rib cage lifted.

  • Lean slightly forward, and put your hands together in front of you with fingertips pointing up, and elbows apart. Push your hands together as hard as you can, focusing on putting pressure on the heels of your hand.

  • At the same time say “Ssssss”, as if you are hissing, and exhale all the way, until the muscles in the triangle under your rib cage, where the ribs splay to the side are pulled tight. When all the air is out, you’ll feel a small wheezing or coughing sensation.

  • Relax the abdominal muscles at the end of the exhale, and then inhale gently. You should experience a sense of calm and renewal!

Try this technique during nap time or breaks to incorporate midday relaxation and stress-relief into your professional practice.

For more quick meditation tips, read Mind Body Green’s article that lists 5 Mini Meditations that you can practice throughout your day in just 1 minute! These quick meditation techniques can help reset your mind during the busy days of working with early learners.

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