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This Holiday Season, Parents have Emotional Support on their Wishlists

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, children have been home with their families more than usual this year. Some children have been home with parents full-time, while others have spent part of their time in child care programs. This extra time at home, combined with the added stresses of this past year, have left families with young children needing more support than ever.

As parents wrap up this difficult year, many are anticipating holiday celebrations involving more time at home and distance from loved ones. As a result,  social-emotional learning at home will be extra helpful, for children and their parents. In this article, you’ll find several tools that offer support to people of any age who are experiencing big or difficult feelings.

Resources for Grown-Ups

While many of the resources below are geared toward parents, they include tips and ideas that are beneficial for caregivers and educators too! 

Reading Materials

  • Managing Your Own Emotions: The Key to Positive, Effective Parenting, is an article from Zero to Three that shares easy-to-implement strategies for parents to tune in to and manage their own feelings, in order to better support their relationships with their children.

  • Self Care, an article from Sesame Street in Communities, lists quick and easy tips to help parents practice self care during everyday activities 

Activity Idea

  • Practice Mindfulness: Just a few minutes a day of mindfulness can help parents feel calm, connected, and less reactive. Here are a few quick tips from Zero to Three to help parents experience the benefits of mindfulness: Mindfulness for Parents

Resources for Children

Reading Materials

  • How Can We Help Kids With Self-Regulation?, an article from the Child Mind Institute, provides advice for parents trying to support emotional regulation in children of all ages.

  • Comfort Strategies, an article from Sesame Street in Communities helps parents build calm, familiar environments that encourage children to feel confident and secure.

Apps & Activity Ideas

  • Apps like Moshi Sleep are designed to help young children learn to practice relaxation and meditation.

  • DIY Calming Cube: Ready4K explains how a few simple materials (a cardboard box, paper, and markers) can be used to create a tool that helps children process emotions. Click here to learn more.

  • Sesame Street in Communities – Managing Big Feelings: This resource bundle from Sesame Street includes a video, conversation starters, and printables for parents to support children as they navigate big feelings.


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