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Mindfulness & Resilience for Busy Schedules: Resources & Webinar Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, Good2Know Network hosted a webinar in partnership with Community Equity Collaborative, which explored how educators, caregivers, and early childhood professionals can build resilience during times of stress. For those who were unable to join us at the webinar, below is the webinar recording and slides, along with resources and brief articles about resilience and stress relief  that we think you’ll find helpful!

  • Click here to view the recording. Or, if you are interested in viewing the slides that the presenters shared, you can view them here.

Tapping into Resilience Despite a Busy Schedule: A Few Suggestions and Resources

Mini Meditations

If you’ve been thinking that meditation might be helpful, but you don’t know how to get started, there are now apps with menus of guided meditations, including meditations that take just a few minutes.

  • Headspace is a popular meditation app, and if you are a resident of San Mateo County you can subscribe to it free of charge! Learn More ⤑

  • Tara Brach, a well-known writer and meditation teacher, offers a wide variety of free, guided meditations. Learn More ⤑

  • Breathe in Love. Breath out “I am Enough” This quick reminder from Tinkergarten can be paired with deep breaths to slow your heart rate and calm an anxious mind during times of stress. Simple and powerful!

Mini Self-Massage

Each of us has certain areas of our body that get a lot of wear and tear and could use some extra attention. This website has some quick, easy-to-follow mini-massages: Learn More ⤑

Using Daily Habits to Tap into Resilience

Building resilience doesn’t require us to add another task to our to-do lists.

  • During the webinar, Gaby and Rocsana talked about how we can use daily tasks to mark transitions from a stressful situation to a calmer state of mind. Examples of mindset shifters include…

    • washing our hands, using soaps and moisturizers with a scent that you love, making your bed, folding laundry, watering plants, or cleaning a small surface in your home or workspace.

Mini Doses of Nature

Stepping outside for a moment to feel the sun, look at the sky, listen for birds, or spot something green can give you a mental change of scene.

Mini Energizers

  • Walking outside at a quick pace for 5 minutes can get your blood circulating and increase oxygen to your brain.

  • Stretching our arms and fingertips to the sky feels good, because we don’t do that in the course of our days. Circling our arms forward and backward also creates energy flow.

  • It is easy for our shoulders to round and for our bodies to become constricted. A quick fix is to imagine a string pulling straight up from the top of the head to extend our necks and torsos. You can also shrug your shoulders up, back and down, pulling your scapula toward your spine.

Bite-Sized Self-Care Articles

If you are looking for more information, check out the articles below, from the G2K archives about resilience and self-care.

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