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Connecting Mind, Body, & Heart: Free Wellness Resources from Sesame Street

When children take care of their bodies – through movement, rest and sleep, and nutrition – they’re also taking care of their brains and emotional well-being. 

Sesame Workshop recently shared a new article and resources that support children’s growth and learning through a mind-body connection. The resources include activity ideas and strategies to help children build emotional awareness and take steps toward whole-child wellness. 

Find the article and resource list here, or check out a few of our favorite suggestions below. 

  • Stretch, Breathe, Move! Help children connect with their brains and bodies to relax, refocus, or work through big feelings. This resource describes opportunities for caregivers and educators to help children notice the “clues” their bodies give them about what they may be feeling and then use their bodies to help manage their emotions.  Once we notice how our bodies are feeling, we can think about and label the emotions! 
  • Let’s Sing Along! My Body, My Brain: Celebrate the mind-body connection with this simple, kid-friendly song about healthy habits. This resource includes printable lyrics and a link to a video of Sesame Street characters singing the song.
  • Mindful Moment with Nature Poses: This printable resource describes a variety of child-friendly yoga poses that educators can share with children to help them practice mindful movement. Mindful body movement is a great way to connect body and brain to help children focus, manage big feelings…or even just relax!
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