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Video from Starting at Zero: How Early Education Impacts Adulthood

Does quality early education lead to more successful lives as adults? The answer is yes! But, with one important caveat — it’s not just care that has an impact, it’s high-quality care. As educators and caregivers, we know that the work that we do is important. The care that we provide for young children helps to set the stage for their later learning, development, and relationship-building.

A video from Starting at Zero (available to view below) highlights the ways that quality makes a key difference in children’s later success. It shares research from the National Academy of Sciences’ Report and perspectives from educators and policymakers who discuss the importance of high-quality early childhood education.

This inspiring video is a reminder of the impact of early experiences and of the vital importance of your work as an early educator.  Your relationship with young children helps set them up on a path for success–  before they begin elementary school!

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