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Early Learning Investigations Webinar: Art in Trauma-Informed ECE Programs

Feb 23, 2023    |   Art & MusicWebinar Recordings

Tapping into the creative process has value for children and adults alike. Art is a safe way to experience choice and control, make our own decisions, take risks, and express our thoughts and feelings. 

Join this webinar on Wednesday, March 22nd 11 AM PT (2 PM ET), hosted by Early Learning Investigations and presented by Anna Reyner, MA, LMFT, to learn how to use art in your early learning classroom for self-expression and building community. This webinar will share key practices that are necessary to reduce the use of cookie-cutter crafts in favor of true art that reflects children’s authentic thoughts and feelings. 

Participants who join this webinar will learn…

  • How current neuroscience supports art as self-regulation and stress release in trauma-informed classrooms

  • Why teachers still deliver “product over process” art and how to change that mindset 

  • Receive tips and resources on how to motivate staff to deliver social-emotional process art over product art

  • How to engage in a process-oriented art activity that will relax and replenish your creative energy.

Find more information and register here.

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