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Foundations of Literacy Webinar with LENA: The Science of Reading

Oct 10, 2023    |   Language & LiteracyWebinar Recordings

When the early learning organization, LENA was founded in 2004 by the late Terry Paul and his wife, Judi, one of their primary goals was to improve literacy outcomes for children. Terry and Judi saw gaps in academic outcomes widening, and realized that the foundations of reading and academic success were being laid long before children entered a kindergarten classroom. 

This webinar will go back to these origins, with an expert deep dive into how early conversational turns lead to the development of the foundational reading skills that ultimately build to word recognition and language comprehension. 

 From there, panelists will explore how communities are using this link to tap into literacy funding to support LENA’s early language programming and explore the structure of their implementations.

Learn more about this event here

Event Panelists

This live event has passed. Watch a recording of the webinar here.


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