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Free ECE Webinar: Healing Through Play with Preschool Children

Oct 31, 2023    |   Webinar Recordings

1 in 3 children experience a form of life-threatening adversity such as homelessness, abuse, or violence. Research shows that a positive relationship with just one caring adult in early childhood can change that child’s life entirely. Early childhood educators are in a prime position to establish strong positive relationships to support young children before, during, and after critical experiences. 

Join this webinar, hosted by Early Learning Investigations, to learn from clinical social worker and founder of The Playmaker Project, Steve Gross, MSW, to learn how to build relationships with children to overcome the impacts of early childhood adversity. 

The Playmaker Project team has boiled down more than 30 years of field experience into a 4-step framework for building corrective play experiences that help early childhood professionals develop healing relationships with children. In this virtual event, participants will explore ways to enhance joyfulness, social connection, internal control, and active engagement in your work with young children.

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In this engaging webinar, participants will…

  • Discover the power of caregivers in building life-changing relationships with children and feel validated in the essential work that you do.
  • Deepen your understanding of the consequences of adverse childhood experiences on brain development, social-emotional development, and physical health.
  • Learn strategies, frameworks, and tools for creating corrective, healing environments & experiences that are safe, empowering, joyful, and engaging.

This event has passed, but you can watch a recording of the webinar here.

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