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Free Mindfulness Resources to Nurture Young Minds and Bodies

May 25, 2023    |   Early Childhood Mental Health

Mindfulness can benefit young children in a variety of ways, including improved sleep, stress reduction, increased focus/attention, and general feelings of wellbeing. 

To help educators support healthy minds in the classroom, Barefoot Books recently shared a variety of free mindfulness resources. These include printable activity sheets, videos, and more. 

Find the full list of available resources here, or check out a few of our favorites below. 

  • Tips for Yoga with Toddlers, an article written by toddler mom and yoga expert, Stefanie Paige Wieder, M.S.Ed, who shares ideas and recommendations for introducing a yoga practice to toddlers. 

  • Mindful Kids, printable activity sheets with colorful illustrations that introduce child-friendly yoga poses for relaxation, creativity, self-acceptance, and connection. Each pose features images and detailed instructions to help you introduce the poses to the children in your care. 

  • Yoga Pretzels Mini Activity Pack, includes four activities and simple poses to introduce yoga to the children in your care. The poses are inspired by different animals, including a shark, gorilla, and a snake!

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