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Free Printing & Curbside Pickup at San Mateo County Libraries 

Oct 15, 2020    |   San Mateo County

San Mateo County Libraries offer free printing, available to pick up at all 12 of the community libraries Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM – 4 PM, except during holiday closures. Simply submit your print job using one of the three options below, schedule a Curbside Pickup appointment, and arrive at your appointment time to pick it up.

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How it Works

STEP 1: Submit Your Print Job

When submitting your job, you have the option to submit via web, mobile (using the PrinterOn app that is available from the iOS or Android App Store), or email.

STEP 2: Schedule Your Appointment

After submitting your print job with one of the above options, use our appointment booking system below to schedule a time for your pickup. You’ll receive an email confirming the date, time, and location-specific pickup information.

Make sure to choose the same location you submitted your print job to.

STEP 3: Pick Up Your Print Job

Lastly, arrive during your scheduled pickup appointment and go to the Curbside Pickup tables. Look for a plastic filing container, your print job will be there inside an envelope labeled with your name.

Information to Keep in Mind

  • Print jobs can be up to 25 pages and should be formatted and ready to print as-is.

  • Be sure you use the same community library location to:

    • Submit your print job

    • Schedule your pickup appointment

  • Weekly maintenance is done on Saturday evenings where all outstanding print jobs are deleted. Please wait until Sunday or later to submit new print jobs.

  • Materials submitted should comply with the library’s Computer Use Policy.

  • Printing sensitive or confidential information is done at your own risk. San Mateo County Libraries are not responsible for lost or misplaced prints.

If you have any issues with submitting a print job, scheduling a pick up appointment, or have mobility issues or special considerations, contact the customer service team via phone at 1-833-YES-SMCL (1-833-937-7625) or text at (650) 851-0147. Or, you can also book  One-on-One Assistance with a Tech Help appointment.

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