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G2K Webinar: Emerging from COVID-19

Nov 15, 2021    |   Recordings from G2K-Hosted Webinars

In partnership with Community Equity Collaborative, G2K hosted a webinar and panel discussion, Emerging from COVID-19: How ECE Providers Can Help Young Children Adapt, Connect, and Thrive. If you weren’t able to attend, a recording of the event is available. 

During the conversation, the panelists suggested a number of resources that early childhood educators might find helpful to support children transitioning back to ECE group settings. Below you’ll find links to these resources. 

Additional Resources

  • Bitmoji Grief Library: This virtual library was put together by webinar panelist, Lisa Shaanan, and includes links to children’s books and videos that support young children in dealing with grief, loss, and healing
  • The World Made a Rainbow: This video captures a sweet story of a little girl who drew a rainbow to help her stay connected and optimistic during COVID.
  • Resources for Creating Visuals to Support Children in Transitions: During the webinar, one of our panelists discussed creating a visual storybook for a child in her program. This resource from CSEFEL suggests visuals that can be created to help children understand their early learning program’s new daily schedule and routine.
  • Improving Teaching Through Reflective Partnerships: Panelists highlighted the importance of teamwork and connecting with other ECE professionals for support. This article explains what a reflective partner looks like, and points to opportunities for reflective partnerships to support professional and personal growth.
  • Recording of Previous Webinar (Tapping into Resiliency): A few months back, we hosted a webinar that focused on educator wellbeing with tips, tools, and ideas for taking care of yourself so that you can take care of the children in your care. The suggestions are as useful today as they were then.
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