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“Let’s Talk About Math” Videos from Zero to Three

Sep 06, 2019    |   Math & Numeracy

Are you looking for fun, simple ways to help young children learn about math? While planning activities and curriculum are valuable, a lot of early math skills can actually be taught to our youngest learners through everyday play and interactions. By drawing children’s attention to numbers, shapes, and patterns throughout the day, children will begin to develop an understanding of early math skills and concepts. Math is all around us, and since children start developing math skills in infancy, they are never too young to start learning.

For some ideas about how to get started, check out the videos below from Zero to Three. If you know parents who might be interested in viewing these videos too, pass them along in an email or newsletter! Parents will be excited to learn more about what their little ones are learning and they might be interested in giving these ideas a try at home.

Everyday Fun With Counting



Everyday Fun with Shapes



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