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Local Resource for ECE Providers: Help Me Grow San Mateo County

Help Me Grow is a free resource for child care providers and families in San Mateo County who have concerns about a child’s developmental progress.

As an early learning professional, it is common to have questions about child development and developmental milestones, and to seek suggestions for supporting the wide variety of needs in your program. Help Me Grow can assist by answering questions and providing helpful information so that you can share tools, resources, and recommendations with family members. 

The Help Me Grow organization offers families tools and information to better support their child’s development, as well as referrals for additional assistance when necessary.  

If you or a family member of a child in your care has concerns about their child’s progress, contact Help Me Grow San Mateo at 650-762-6930, hmgsmc@abilitypath.org, or by visiting their website and using the easy-to-fill-out form. You can also share their contact information with the family, so they can reach out directly. After contacting them, you will get connected with a representative who will help with figuring out the best next steps for the child.

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