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Math Resources from DREME

Sep 27, 2019    |   Math & Numeracy

Introducing math skills helps set young children on the path to future academic success. Incorporating math concepts into fun activities and day-to-day conversations works especially well. You’ll find lots of great early math ideas at  DREME (Development and Research in Early Math Education), an online source for research, resources, and activities that support ECE professionals seeking to effectively and successfully introduce early math skills to young learners.

At DREME’s website you’ll find useful tips including this article about circle time math conversations and these opportunities to incorporate patterns into storytime.

Educator Resources from DREME

  • Math Matters: A handout excerpted from Math Matters: Children’s Mathematical Journeys Start Early, a report by Alan H. Schoenfeld and Deborah Stipek, funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation. The handout provides background information about the importance of early math.

  • How to Use Picture Books: This document, by Colleen Uscianowski, shares tips for using storytime as an opportunity to help young children develop their understanding of math.

  • Storybook Guides: These reading guides are intended to help you incorporate interactive reading strategies with specific books to foster children’s literacy and mathematical thinking. These guides include popular stories, such as 10 Minutes till Bedtime and Color Zoo. 

  • Overview of Executive Functioning and Math: This resource by Linda M. Platas provides an overview of the important connections between executive functioning and math.

  • Practicing the Mathematical Practices: A paper by Linda M. Platas, exploring the Common Core vision of Mathematical Practices for young children. Platas provides insights into why these practices can be so valuable and how they naturally fit into the preschool classroom.

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