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Momentum Building for Early Childhood Support

Jul 23, 2020    |   Research Updates for ECE Educators

COVID-19  has shined a spotlight on the importance of quality early learning and the challenges facing providers, educators, and families.

This week’s release of a Center for the Study of Child Care Employment survey of 953 childcare programs (60% family child care and 40% center-based) triggered widespread media coverage of the dire situation facing California’s child care system.

The survey’s key findings describe a situation that Good2Know readers understand all too well:

  1. Child care providers and early educators are deeply concerned about the health risks of operating during the pandemic.

  2. The reopening process has introduced new financial challenges for programs.

  3. Decreased capacity and increased costs are disrupting an already financially unstable industry.

  4. Without more public funding, the California child care industry will continue to collapse.

The CSCCE report makes a clear case that state and federal governments need to do more to support economic recovery by supporting child care.

Good2Know Network’s Facebook Group frequently posts quick and easy opportunities to urge policymakers to support federal, state and local aid for child care providers. Please help build momentum for this vitally important issue by following us on Facebook and adding your voice to the broader call for support for early learning providers.

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