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Navigating COVID-19, the Flu and RSV: Resources for ECE Professionals

Jan 09, 2024    |   Safe & Healthy ECE Programs

The winter months are flu season, and many families and ECE professionals are seeing rising cases of COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in their communities. 

To support child care providers and early learning professionals, we are sharing a few resources with helpful information for you and the families in your care:

  • Child Care Aware of America recently hosted a webinar with Dr. Katherine Fleming-Dutra from the Centers for Disease Control who discussed flu season, rates of COVID-19 and RSV, the new COVID-19 booster, and how ECE professionals can help promote vaccines to ensure healthy child care
  • Vaccines.gov has a variety of resources and information available to help with learning more about available vaccines and finding vaccination locations
  • Sesame Street’s article, Helping Children Prepare for Shots, can help parents and families navigate vaccinations and support their children through anxiety related to medical appointments
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