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New Publication: Using Research to Improve Early Care and Education

Jun 25, 2020    |   Research Updates for ECE Educators

The Foundation for Child Development is proud to share its new publication, Getting it Right: Using Implementation Research to Improve Outcomes in Early Care and Education. The publication provides insights into the value of including implementation research in the study of early care and education (ECE) interventions and its potential to improve programs and policies and achieve stronger outcomes for all young children. Click here to read the full publication.

About the Publication

This publication brings together the perspectives of prominent ECE researchers and attempts to answer three key questions for the field:

  1. What does research tell us about the effectiveness and implementation of ECE programs across the birth to 8 continuum?

  2. What still needs to be understood?

  3. How do we get smarter in designing future research directions and approaches?

The authors also discuss how research, particularly implementation research, can equip policymakers and practitioners to support continuous quality improvement efforts. In addition, the authors examine implementation research approaches and methods and offer guidance about how to conduct such research and on what questions and topics to address for improving policy and practice.

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