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Quick Tip for Practicing Positivity from Greater Good Science Center

Oct 28, 2021    |   Educator Self-Care

In the busy lives of ECE professionals, it can be hard to find opportunities to incorporate mindfulness and positivity practices into your daily routine.

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center recommends a quick practice for cultivating positivity and appreciating the goodness in our lives. They suggest writing down three specific things that went well for you each day for at least one week. By writing down the positive experiences, you are creating a physical record that reinforces their impact. For convenience and easy access, you might keep the list on your phone in a note that can be easily revisited when you have a spare moment. The items can be small, everyday events (e.g. “My partner made the coffee today”,  or “I enjoyed the pleasure I was able to give my grandparents by picking up their groceries”) or more important milestones.

This is a practice that you can incorporate into your routine during your lunch break or at the end of each day. It might also be a practice to share with the children in your care by asking them about a few good things that they’ve experienced recently.

Click here to read the full article and find a brief podcast to pair along with this activity.

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