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Book for Educators: Breaking the STEM Stereotype (Reaching Girls in ECE)

Apr 14, 2022    |   Books, Videos & PodcastsSTEM Learning

We know that it is important to introduce girls to STEM concepts while they are young before gender stereotypes are ingrained. But educators can find it difficult to know how best to introduce these topics in a way that is developmentally-appropriate, engaging, and fun. 

Breaking the STEM Stereotype: Reaching Girls in Childhood by Dr. Amanda Sullivan, Ph.D. explains why early childhood is a critical time in development to reach girls and spark their curiosity in STEM. Dr. Sullivan explores the roles of stereotypes, media, and children’s experiences with peers and adults, and offers suggestions for early childhood educators who want to encourage an interest in STEM topics. 

This book is set up in three parts: 

  1. Part 1 describes the current state of the gender divide in each aspect of STEM and explores why early childhood is a critical time to address this divide. 

  2. Part 2 explores gender identity development and gender stereotypes as well as the influences of the media, advertising, and adult and peer role models on young children. 

  3. Part 3 arms readers with the knowledge they need to dispel gender stereotypes in STEM. It provides suggestions on tools, technologies, and kits that can be used with young girls beginning in pre-kindergarten. This part of the book also provides materials needed to design effective curricula and activities to engage girls with STEM in playful ways that build on their personal interests.

Click here to find a link to purchase this book, or check out your local library to see if it is available to borrow!

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