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Storytime & Multilingual Activity Guide from Tandem Early Learning

Nov 18, 2021    |   Language & Literacy

The team at Tandem recorded a virtual storytime of the children’s book, Fly by Mark Teague, and created an activity guide to pair with it. The book is mostly wordless, using punctuation marks to show how the characters are feeling. The limited text makes it a great opportunity for helping young children build print awareness skills by focusing on the few words; while the vibrant pictures and humor of the story also create opportunities for creative conversation and imagination with young children.

These resources can be used by educators, parents, or anyone who cares for young children. Educators might enjoy reading the story with children during circle time and using the activity guide along with it. 

Click here to watch Laura’s storytime video, and click here to explore the activity guide. 

These resources are also available in Spanish and in Chinese. Vea la hora de cuentos virtual en español. Descargue nuestra Guía de actividades. 看我們的視頻朗讀故事 下載我們的活動指南

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