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Supporting Early Multilingual Learners: A New Toolkit from Early Edge

Sep 30, 2021    |   Dual Language Learners

Last month Early Edge California and its partners launched a website and online toolkit for educators and administrators supporting multilingual learners in Pre-k through 3rd grade. This Multilingual Learning Toolkit features a Starter Guide, 11 Instructional Strategies, and dozens of free, easy-to-use resources.

All materials on the new multilingual learning hub encourage educators to build upon the strengths of the child and of the child’s family and culture. Young children are capable of learning two languages at once, and the earlier they start the more likely they are to achieve bilingualism. Home language plays an important role in English language development, and incorporating home cultures into teaching and learning helps all children see themselves in the curriculum. 

There’s a lot to explore, and a great place to begin is the How to Use this Site section of the multilingual learning toolkit website.

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