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Tandem’s Early Literacy Resources for Educators and Caregivers

Because early literacy is an important part of an early learning curriculum, teachers and caregivers are always on the hunt for new books, resources, and materials to use in their programs. To help with this, Tandem Bay Area makes several early learning materials available on its website to support your work in preparing young learners for kindergarten.

What early learning resources are available?

Tandem has a wide range of support materials and free downloads in English, Spanish, and Chinese that will support your daily curriculum. The materials are easy to view, print, and display in your classroom as quick reminders for yourself and your teaching team. Click here to view Tandem’s full list of free downloads and videos.

Resources for Early Learning

Tandem’s resources offers several materials that share tips and tools for reading with young learners. To view the resources in early learning, see the list of resources below and click on the blue links to view each document.

6 Skills of Early Literacy: 

 3 Tips for Sharing Books with 3-5 year olds: 

3 Tips for Sharing Books with Infants and Toddlers:  

What is Tandem?

Tandem is a local, nonprofit that engages the community to ensure that parents and educators have the resources, skills, and confidence they need to support children’s learning and to build skills for kindergarten readiness.

Tandem works with community-based organizations and early learning professionals to share evidence-based programs, resources, and training materials to those who need them. Click here to visit Tandem’s website and learn more.

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