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A Recent Study Calculates the Pre-k Educator Pay Gap

Most of us are all too aware that most early learning teachers are underpaid, making it challenging for programs of any size to attract and retain good teachers.

Early Edge California recently posted an article and graphics summarizing the results of a study comparing the salaries and benefits for TK-12 certificated teachers with salaries and benefits earned by early childhood permit educators in center-based State Preschool programs.

The bottom-line finding is that, on average, California State Preschool teachers with a BA earn about $13,000 less annually than TK-12 teachers ($38,091 compared to $51,240).

The purpose of the study was to determine the amount by which reimbursement rates–the funds the state provides to child care programs that serve low-income children—would need to increase in order to achieve salary parity for all teachers. The study was commissioned by Early Edge, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and Advancement Project.

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